Anvil Worldwide

Anvil is one of South Africa’s most recognized and widely accepted brands within the commercial food service equipment industry. 
Since the company’s inception in 1996 an where it is now, Anvil has earned the catering industry’s trust and respect in many markets. Anvil products are currently distributed worldwide in over 30 countries. Today Anvil manufacture a broad range of products that can be found in restaurants, convenience-stores, canteens, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, bars and industrial kitchens where the products are used by professional chefs and caterers alike. 
Anvil is a member of the Universal Industries Group, one of the largest Food Service Equipment Companies in Sub Saharan African. As an experienced appliance equipment manufacturer, Anvil place a strong emphasis on the use of high-quality material and components in their products thus ensuring that Anvil products are built to last. These products are designed, sourced and produced with the end-user in mind.
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