Edenox Hot Trolley Plate Dispenser

Model :

CPC2-28 (Diameter: 180-280)
CPCs-34 (Diameter: 240-340mm)

~ Mobile hot trolley
~ Capacity: 2 column, 90 plates
~ Especially designed for heating, maintaining & distributing warm plates
~ Doubled wall with internal isolation, heat losses are reduced thus obtaining energy-saving
~ Adjustable plate size system, with 3-flexible rods that work as a plate stacking guides
~ Special system with steel springs that resist high temperatures, keeping the plates at a constant level
~ Elasticity can be adjusted according to the weight of the plates
~ Thermostat to monitor, control & regulate the hot table temperature at desired set point
~ 4-sound proof castors, two of them with brakes
~ Made of stainless steel
~ Optional: Cover for plate dispenser, TDP-28 or TDP-34


CPC2-28 CPC2-34 TDP-28 Cover for CPC2-28 TDP-34 Cover for CPC2-34