Alto Shaam Hot Food Holding Carving Station

Model :

CS-100 (One Lamp)
CS-200 (Two Lamps)

~ Halo heat, a controlled, uniform heat source radiating heat directly from the carving surface
~ The fixed lamp assembly provides additional heat to the product surface
~ Proper & safe serving temperatures are maintained without additional cooking
~ The heated surface is recessed to catch drippings
~ The sanitary cutting board with gravy lane is removable & listed with NSF & USDA
~ Is designed able fit on top of a Halo Heat Cook & Hold Oven or Heated Holding Cabinet
~ Optional: Clear glass customer breath guard
~ Available model:
   CS-100: Single lamp
   CS-200: Two lamps


CS-100 CS-200

Dimensions (W x D x H)

CS-100: 463 x 626 x 792MM
CS-200: 654 x 744 x 842MM


CS-100: 0.5kW
CS-200: 0.75kW