Alto Shaam Drawer Warmer

Model :

500-1D (Single Drawer)
500-2D (Two Drawer)
500-3D (Three Drawer)

~ Halo heat, a controlled, uniform heat source
~ Product moisture is retained without adding water
~ Digital control senses temperature drop faster, providing quick heat recovery time
~ Can be built into cabinets or counters, built-in trim kits are available
~ Stackable design
~ Constructed with a non-magnetic stainless steel exterior
~ With removable stainless steel drawer rail supports
~ Each drawer included 1 x GN-1/1 (6” Height) stainless steel pan
~ Temperature range of 16 ℃ to 93 ℃
~ With heat indicator light, temperature display button, & digital display
~ Available model:
   500-1D: 1 drawer warmer
   500-2D: 2 drawer warmer
   500-3D: 3 drawer warmer



Dimensions (W x D x H)

500-1D: 624 x 657 x 296mm
500-2D: 624 x 657 x 481mm
500-3D: 624 x 657 x 664mm