Brandon French Fries Bagging Station

Model :

FW06 (Width: 600mm
Floor-Standing Unit)
FW08 (Width: 800mm
Floor-Standing Unit)
FW10 (Width: 1000mm
Floor-Standing Unit)
FWT-560 (Width: 560mm
Counter-Top Unit)

~ Specially designed wire rack: any fall off chips slide along sloped panel & back to the tank
~ The perforations are rectangular slots, on which a partition panel can be installed. It enables operator to separate
   different types of foods.
~ The accessories of the bagging station such as the rack, sloped panel, the upright glass panel can be positioned left
   or right to fit the position of the fryer
~ Unit comes with heavy-duty casters, two with brakes
~ Accessories: drip tray, dumping pan partition, wire rack
~ Available model:
   FW06 – width: 600mm, floor-standing unit
   FW08 – width: 800mm, floor-standing unit
   FW10 – width: 1000mm, floor-standing unit
   FWT-560 – width: 560mm, counter-top unit




FW06 (1.1kW)
FW08 (1.5kW)
FW10 (1.9kW)
FWT-560 (0.8kW)