Ditosama 8kg Vegetable Peeler with Abrasive Plate

Model :

DT8E (with removable chamber)
DT8EFB (with removable chamber & filter)

~ Capacity: 8kg, 130kg/h
~ Supplied with an abrasive plate
~ Productivity suitable for 80-150 meals per service
~ IP55 waterproof control buttons
~ 1 speed: 305 rpm
~ Removable stainless steel peeling chamber
~ Removable water inlet, clipped to the cover, designed to serve as a spray to clean the machine
~ Peeling time on timer preset to 3 minutes
~ Easily fits onto the base, with the drive shaft fitting into the center of the plate
~ Transparent lid to close the cylinder during peeling operations
~ Model: DT8EFB come with integrated built-in filter device, removable for cleaning



Dimensions (W x D x H) 422 x 396 x 676 mm