Ditosama 15kg Vegetable Peeler with Abrasive Plate

Model :

DT15E1C (with abrasive plate & cylinder)

~ Capacity: 15kg, 240kg/hour
~ Supplied with an abrasive plate
~ Productivity suitable for 80-300 meals per service
~ Transparent lid in damage-resistant plastic material allows visibility during peeling cycle
~ Removable rotating plate covered in abrasive vitreous material (lava stone) to ensure high quality finishing
~ Peels are reduced to small pieces to facilitate drainage process
~ Pulse function to control the unloading operation
~ Removable water inlet, clipped to the cover
~ Timer with countdown display
~ Magnetic detectors will stop the machine from operating when the lid / door are opened
~ IP55 waterproof touch button control panel
~ Complete stainless steel construction
~ Available model:
  DT15E1 – with abrasive plate
  DT15E1C – with abrasive plate & cylinder


DT15E1 DT15E1C

Dimensions (W x D x H) 440 x 690 x 750 mm