Alto Shaam Hot Holding Banquet Carts (For Plates / Pans)

Model :

1000-BQ2/96 (96 Plates)
1000-BQ2/128 (128 Plates)
1000-BQ2/192 (192 Plates)

~ Halo heat, a controlled, uniform heat source that gently surrounds food for a longer holding life
~ Close temperature tolerance & even heat application
~ Holds pre-plated food fresh, flavorful, & hot
~ No moisture pans, water or canned heat needed
~ Designed to adapt to any type of banquet holding:
   Covered plates, stacked
   Covered / uncovered plate carriers
   Accepts trays for banquet service
   Additional shelves for full-size & half-size pans (GN-pans)
~ Non-magnetic stainless steel interior resists corrosion
~ Temperature range of 16℃ to 93℃


1000-BQ2-96 1000-BQ2-128 1000-BQ2-192

Dimensions (W x D x H)

1000-BQ2/128: 1164 x 783 x 1716mm
1000-BQ2/192: 1744 x 783 x 1716mm
1000-BQ2/96: 964 x 783 x 1716mm


1000-BQ2/128: 2.0kW
1000-BQ2/192: 3.0kW
1000-BQ2/96: 1.5kW