Fagor 900 KORE Counter-Top 400mm Gas Griddle with Chromium Hot-Plate

Model :

FT-G905 CL
FT-G905 CR

~ Gas range
~ C = Chromium plated griddle
~ Cooking area: 335 x 640mm
~ Made of 20mm thick mild steel
~ Plate & lodging made according to EN-202-3 standard for materials in contact with food
~ The plate is slanted forward for an easier collection of fat & liquids
~ Fitted with a cooking fat drainage hole & removable collecting tray
~ Thermostat for temperature control between 100℃ and 300℃
~ Safety thermostat
~ Electronic ignition, access tube for manual ignition
~ High temperature protector for the chimney made of enameled cast iron.
~ Type of plate:
   L = smooth hot plate
   R = groove hot plate


FT-G905-CL FT-G905-CR

Dimensions (W x D x H) 400 x 930 x 290 mm
Gas Consumption

31,563 BTU

Gas Type