Edenox Fresh-2-Home High Capacity Supreme Refrigerated Central Display

Model :

F2HSUP-RC-1011 (Capacity: 10 x GN-1/1)
F2HSUP-RC-1411 (Capacity: 14 x GN-1/1)

~ Central display type
~ Structure finished in solid metal, painted in black colour
~ Top manufactured in Silestone, stainless steel 165mm deep well, accommodate GN-1/1 pans & subdivisions
~ Air-blown refrigeration system that creates a gentle air curtain over food
~ 180mm wide Silestone on top of the counter
~ Fully transparent protective foodshield, made of durable, solid tempered glass
~ Foodshields are easy to remove for effortless transportation, ensuring quick access to final destination
~ Temperature control & regulation by electronic thermostat
~ Supplied with LED lamps
~ Optional: ABS-10, side shelf support for plastic containers
~ 4-castors, 2-with brakes
~ Class N refrigeration, high-medium compressors, extremely reliable, using R507 / R404a gas
~ Operating temperature in well: 1℃ / 4℃ at 32℃ ambient
~ Available model:
   F2HSUP-RC-1011 – Length: 1985mm, Capacity: 10 x GN-1/1
   F2HSUP-RC-1411 – Length: 2635mm, Capacity: 14 x GN-1/1


F2HSUP-RC-1011 F2HSUP-RC-1411


F2HSUP-RC-1011 (2342W)
F2HSUP-RC-1411 (2551W)