Alto Shaam Companion Holding Cabinet

Model :

20-20MW (Mobile Holding Cabinet)
20-20W (Stationary Holding Cabinet)

~ Halo heat, a controlled, uniform heat source that gently surrounds food to provide a longer holding life
~ Uses one-third to one-half the energy of conventional holding equipment
~ Motionless air inside cabinet prevents transfer of flavours, retains more product moisture, and preserves colour
~ Close temperature tolerance, along with even heat distribution, maintain an ideal serving temperature
~ Temperature range: 16℃ to 93℃
~ Available model:
   20-20MW: Mobile holding cabinet
   20-20W: Stationary holding cabinet


20-20MW & 20-20W

Dimensions (W x D x H)

20-20MW: 888 x 1049 x 1898mm
20-20W: 830 x 1039 x 1898mm